PlayStation 5 pre-Xmas 2020 Release Announced!

I’m not saying this bullshit gets peddled every other fiscal quarter by Sony, but if they’re not complete liars, then indeed this is the merriest of Halloween’s and the ghouls have smiled upon us. What a treat!

Actually let’s wait for the price before we call it a treat. But I mean, is price really important? I mean, maybe when discussing petty theft and larceny. They didn’t go over that in GTA night school.

The point is, we all know I’m going to get one, it’s just a question of whether I’m going to have to redraft my will in order to kill zombies, pick up digital hookers, and force choke my enemies. The.Essentials.People.

(’tis a simple life, but a life.)

28 Gift Ideas for Creative People in Your Life (2019 Guide) — Super Shock Gaming Zone

Gifts for creative people seem to have a bit more pressure attached to them, don’t they? Because it’s always those same creative people who seem to have the absolute best gift ideas for the rest of us. But never fear! Today, we’ll remove the pressure of finding gifts for creative people this holiday season by……

28 Gift Ideas for Creative People in Your Life (2019 Guide) — Super Shock Gaming Zone

Some good ideas for “those people” in our lives. The Rocketbook reusable notebook looks tight as hell and it’s right around $20-$25. (Some reviewers also suggested the Elfinbook variety too, if you’re looking for something a little larger.)

Happy shopping!

Death Cab’s “I Will Possess Your Heart” won’t cure your poorly-defined white girl problems

but it’s a start.

Described as hypnotic by one popular youtube comment.

My Friday is like 3 minutes off the launch pad and this song is already my mood. A couple of things to say about this: I would like to compliment the phatness of the bass. The video is the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever seen, though. I have so many questions I don’t even want to ask.

Wait, amend that last observation- so I need to talk about the brimmed toques some of the boys are wearing in this. The video is from 2008. That makes sense- those were in then. So where did they go? I feel like brimmed toques are one of those hats nearly everyone looks good wearing, and we should bring them back. Also, when I say “I feel like,” to start a sentence, you can just delete it from my sentence, and that’s just what I’m saying. I feel like that’s something you should know for future posts.

Look what was up in front on Google! Nice! And only $16.01 uhhh.. used? Didn’t know you were were selling used hats, REI, but sure.

You know what, actually, this is totally the kind of bullshit REI would get up to.

New Google Maps Enabled Smart Cane Released(!)

Click HERE to check out the post by Andželika Jasevičiūtė over at Bored Panda, which alerted me to this crazy-awesome new product developed by a blind engineer. This would be THE DOPEST gift if you wanted to kit out your seeing impaired family member. And I’m just saying, the holidays are coming…. But you should probably just buy it for them now. That would be kind of fucked up if you made them wait and hid it in a closet until December.

It looks like the Smart Cane is already on sale for $499.00 and $29.99 shipping.

You can also check out the smart cane company WeWALK’s website here:

The New Land Rover Defender is Tiiiiight

It looks a tiny bit plastic toy car-ish, and the back may be a little long (or just right? I can’t decide), but this Rover is BAD. Even if the end looks a little long from a profile view, the video host is right, once you get around to the back, the badonk is ridonk. I think that’s what he said.

I’m into this. I’m into it with a spoon. And I don’t just mean the dude.

Thoughts? So many? I know.

Also, fun note, Wellington Boots are named after the Duke of Wellington, who probably wore them so he wouldn’t get dirty stepping in the giant shit he took all over Napoleon at Waterloo. #burn_notice