Jane Fonda Thanks BAFTA for Britannia Award During Arrest

Ms. Fonda accepting zero bullshit from the Man.


So I think we all understand that Jane Fonda is a world treasure and can do whatever she wants, and does.

I also read that she’s the only person to ever be named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s just wherever she is.

So I guess we’re not going to talk about the Navy acknowledging this UFO footage is authentic…

I don’t know what it is about Anderson… I just don’t like him. Thought I’d share that.

I heard small asides from some of the late night shows and news outlets about the US Navy admitting that previously released UFO footage was, in fact, authentic. I forgot about it until today, and then I realized I hadn’t even seen the footage that was mentioned. The whole thing made me realize what a flash in the pan the whole story was, and how no one really unpacked this.

Two things: I think it’s pretty interesting that the military made this admission the same week as the Area 51 raid/super silly party. Maybe not interesting, maybe funny. I feel like the Facebook-originating Storm Area 51 to “See them Aliens” phenomenon is the perfect foil against which to release some pretty remarkable news. This official acknowledgement is somehow made irrelevant by association with the weirdos in the desert.

So, the footage isn’t doctored, the pilot being interviewed by CNN seems credible enough, and the head of a $22 million government-funded research center on UFO sightings says there was compelling evidence to suggest we might not be alone… (That last one is totally unrelated except by virtue of being mentioned in the same story without a logical link. I shouldn’t encourage CNN, but I like things in threes.)

If those objects are real and move the way the witnesses claim, then we’re dealing with at least four possible explanations that come to mind. 1) The objects are man-made, I guess by Wakanda. 2) The objects are alien and manufactured. 3) The objects are naturally occurring phenomena, either of Earth or foreign origin, and we’ve yet to study them. 4) (There had to be a fucking fourth. Rule of threes, people) These objects really are not moving in the way the pilots describe. That’s to say, they only appear to be moving that way.

I have flown airplanes, and yes, flying does fuck with your depth perception and can produce a number of other visual phenomena, but it seems here, that with the camera footage and the onboard tracking systems, there’s not really much to cause to doubt the pilots’ accuracy, assuming the instrument readings back up these claims.

So yeah, could be aliens, intelligent or not. Could be an atmospheric phenomenon. Could be a lot of things. But it’s definitely preeeety neeeeaaaat.

Quantum Computing Looms

Google appears to accidentally announce that we are closer than ever to the human culling.

In other news, apparently someone temporarily ‘oopsed’ and dropped the news that Google is basically within reach of its plot to destroy itself and all the meat bags on this rock.

No, but seriously a cool development. You know how I know it’s a cool development? Because it’s so cool I can’t even tell you all the cool things it’s going to do. Most of the possibilities aren’t even imaginable right now, but they’ll be cool. Unfortunately many of the new possibilities will probably be new solutions to new problems, but hey, maybe we’ll get some cool shit along the way.

New Mexico Plans to Offer Free College to In-State Residents — Breaking News, Entertainment, Sports

The state of New Mexico is planning a groundbreaking program that will make college education more accessible to all residents. On Wednesday, September 18, New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham announced a plan that would make college tuition free for all residents of the state, according to the New York Times. The program, called the…

New Mexico Plans to Offer Free College to In-State Residents — Breaking News, Entertainment, Sports

New Mexicooooo! This is a great idea and I love that this is explicitly designed to provide for ALL residents of the state.