A Guided Meditation for Dealing with Difficult Emotions


Life is always in flux. Every thought, feeling, and moment is quickly changing into the next. In the moment, when something feels difficult, it seems like it will never pass. The practice is learning how to stay with and turn toward the difficulty.

Carley Hauck at mindful.org reviews the benefits of sitting with your emotions and training your own ability to be present with difficult emotions. Click here to read why and how to do this. Here you’ll find a quick ten minute guided meditation as well. Use it as a guide for working in this area. Keep it if ever you need that extra centering: something or someone to bring you back into the moment so you can focus your mind grapes* long enough to handle your biznass.

*If you do not recognize this reference, your practice is incomplete. (j/k, but 30 Rock is a great show.)

A Boy and His Dog is a piece of cinematic aggression.

The whole goddamned movie is on Youtube.

Something possessed me to re-watch this bizarre 1975 cult classic in the wee hours this morning, and I feel like I need to say something about this oeuvre.

Basically, this is the third time I’ve watched this movie, and my experience has gone something like this:

1st time- “Wow, this movie is crazy as fuck, and makes me really rather uncomfortable. “

2nd time- “Okay, I mean, budget-wise I’m pretty sure they had like one, maybe two hobo benefactors, and maybe a really sad yard sale, but credit where credit’s due. They made do with the money they had, and there’s actually something to this.”

3rd time- “This movie is a trenchant critique of the human condition laid bare in societal collapse. Every criticism you have of this film exposes only your ignorance.”

Seriously, you’re missing out on this weird af movie, so definitely consider it the next time you don’t mind watching something a little more, uh, difficult. According to The Portalist the short story on which the film was based also served as muse to the creators of the Fallout franchise. As we all know, Fallout is trill as hell, therefore, trillness by association.*

*I speak with some authority on the subject. I wrote this sentence on the couch while eating Barbecue Pringles at seven in the morning. I know cool. This is success.

Jane Fonda Thanks BAFTA for Britannia Award During Arrest

Ms. Fonda accepting zero bullshit from the Man.


So I think we all understand that Jane Fonda is a world treasure and can do whatever she wants, and does.

I also read that she’s the only person to ever be named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s just wherever she is.

Apparently there are different “colors” of the noise spectrum, and I prefer pink noise to white noise. How about you?

See Scientific American’s tweet below, which contains a link to their ~1m30s video on noise “colors.” Neat!


Do you remember the reality show Gay Army, where they take “9 of the gayest men in Scandinavia” and send them to boot camp? Because I sure do.

Er du klar, slut?

Does anyone else remember this show? It was gold star amazing. My sister and I used to download this and watch it on the reg with our cats friends. This was before it got picked up by a channel in the US. I mean, who is going to wait two years for some gay channel in the states to discover it? By then it’s already cancelled, both literally and figuratively. It’s a global world and I demand my Danish gay reality shows tout de suite, missy. Also, the reasons I’m alone are, like, super clear now.

Alexandre Poulin- Comme des Enfants

Alexandre Poulin would like to remind you to go forth in the world with childlike wonder and love, especially with the one(s) you love. Happy Sunday.

Je suis fils d’hiver
Et toi, fée du St-Laurent
Nos rêves en bandoulière,
On n’a pas peur du grand vent

Mais les marchands d’avenir,
Voudraient nous faire croire
Qu’on n’a rien à dire,
Quand s’écrit notre histoire

Moi, je ne veux pas m’éteindre et rentrer dans le rang
Où les vies sont les mêmes et les rêves sur un banc

Comme des enfants en cavale
Qui refusent de dormir
Quand s’éteint leur étoile
Et qu’il faudrait vieillir

Alors, partons ensemble
Vers des contrées sauvages
Où les gens nous ressemblent
Et n’ont qu’un seul visage!

Au début, nous serons seuls
Puis viendront des milliers
À croire que la boussole
Est salement déréglée

Et je ne peux pas me dire
De quoi sera fait demain
Mais à craindre le pire

Je sais qu’on fait jamais rien

J’ai pas peur de la route
Des surprises en chemin
J’ai même croisé le doute
Dans les lignes de ta main

Mais j’ai jamais voulu
D’une vie en pacage
J’aime mieux sourire à l’inconnu
Si l’inconnu à ton visage

Je sais le jour qui passe
Et qu’il ne revient guère
Que le temps nous enlaçe
Pour nous rendre à la terre