Ram Jam Bama Lam

The mustache lords demand that you dance. Also, can you imagine the head? I mean, jesus, they’re like dogs that haven’t seen meat in days.

I personally enjoy flailing like a wackywavinginflatablearmflailingtubeman to this song.*


First Aid Kit- “Wolf”

It’s a good song and an interesting music video. The props remind me of a couple of music videos by Tricot Machine, (which I’ll find and post separately).

Watch, and then read below:


So I was reading through the YouTube comments, and one of the posters shared what little they knew about the subject matter:

I should point out: this post was not responding to anyone’s question. It was totally unprompted. And that’s kind of badass. Who is this person? I feel like I need to be responsible and fact check this information, but I’m not. I’m not responsible.

Let’s just repeat this until it becomes a myth about a myth. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not. Who’s to say? As a certain tall child would have us ask.

"Who's to say?" - John Mulaney

Atom and His Package reminds us of what we can destroy with just a hammer. Party on Señor.

So I was just listening to Beirut and getting really angry at how terrible they are, and I decided I needed to take a trip to a purer time. Atom and His Package will always make me feel good again.

Me and Jan and Brian bought a pretty little hole.
It was cheapish and we split it and we’re fixing it up.
So Mr. Sokol does everything: rewires, fixes cracks.
I can only break walls, move stuff, and get snacks.

And I am downright amazed at what I can destroy with just a hammer.
And I am downright amazed at what I can destroy with just a hammer.

Nails in drywall, paint haul, blah blah.
Move in, no sink, new broom, I think.
I bribed the garbage man!
I am a super bad boy again.

And I am downright amazed at what I can destroy with just a hammer.
And I am downright amazed at what I can destroy with just a hammer.

Brian, don’t stay mad with us.
Come on, eat some food with us,
We own a home together.

And I am downright amazed at what I can destroy with just a hammer.
And I am downright amazed at what I can destroy with just a hammer.

I have a totally baseless theory that this song is not about owning and renovating a home together, but really a tragic allegory about the inevitability of post-revolutionary in-fighting, corruption, and the betrayal of ideals.

10,000 Emerald Pools- Good.

Who would even need that many pools? And is it a chlorine issue? So many questions.

Lyrics with commentary and analysis in italics.

I’ll dive in deeper, deeper for you
Down to the bottom, ten thousand emerald pools
Down to the bottom, ten thousand emerald pools
Under water time is standing still
You’re the treasure dive down deeper still
All I need is you
You’re all I need to breathe
All I need is you I’ll make a living, trying to get away
Ten thousand fathoms, under a tidal wave
okay, so ten thousand fathoms under a tidal wave would be 60,000 feet under sea level. Which is, like, 11.36 miles into the earth’s crust, so probably not hombre. And I only know this because Google literally has a fucking fathom to feet converter built into its search engine.
It can never pull me away
No way
Under water
you’re not underwater, you’re covered in magma.
Time is standing still-omg, what if you mean under the water, like you know that you’re underneath the water. Jesus. I’m sorry Bjorn, my bad.
You’re the treasure
Dive down deeper still
Into the magma
All I need is youAnd crazy fire protection
You’re all I need to breathe
All I need is you
You’re all I need to breathe
Down to the bottom, ten thousand emerald pools If we’re talking about the mantle then the color greeen might be some kind of copper sulfate ignition?
You’re all I need to breathe I’ll dive in deeper, deeper for you
You’re all I need to breathe All I need is you
All I need is you
It can never pull me away
Time is standing still
Dive down deeper still
All I need is you, you’re all I need to breathe Still need that fire protection, buddy.
All I need is you Omg fine.

The Coup’s- “Guillotine” and the post-capitalist gen z imaginary

Bourgeoisie on Notice- Gen Z is coming for your gold, wearing knitted ski masks.

Everything about this- the videography, the wardrobe, the lyrics, and the ironic musical style, all of it together is like getting hit in the face with a clown’s pie… The first time I saw this I broke down laughing at the ridiculous awesomeness of it. I hope you enjoy it. 10/10 delightful.

Death Cab’s “I Will Possess Your Heart” won’t cure your poorly-defined white girl problems

but it’s a start.

Described as hypnotic by one popular youtube comment.

My Friday is like 3 minutes off the launch pad and this song is already my mood. A couple of things to say about this: I would like to compliment the phatness of the bass. The video is the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever seen, though. I have so many questions I don’t even want to ask.

Wait, amend that last observation- so I need to talk about the brimmed toques some of the boys are wearing in this. The video is from 2008. That makes sense- those were in then. So where did they go? I feel like brimmed toques are one of those hats nearly everyone looks good wearing, and we should bring them back. Also, when I say “I feel like,” to start a sentence, you can just delete it from my sentence, and that’s just what I’m saying. I feel like that’s something you should know for future posts.

Look what was up in front on Google! Nice! And only $16.01 uhhh.. used? Didn’t know you were were selling used hats, REI, but sure.

You know what, actually, this is totally the kind of bullshit REI would get up to.

The Big Moon- Your Light

Two things:

  1. I first heard this on Spotify, and it was a different experience with no video. Don’t watch the video. Just listen to the music with your eyes closed. The sound is so lush, and there’s something that sort of reminds me of Shiny Toy Guns, but I can’t quite put my finger on what it is.
  2. About that video: I broke down laughing about half way through this when I realized that absolutely nothing had happened, was happening, or was going to happen in this video. It’s literally just them riding bikes on a path. There is nothing happening here. Even the landscape… Did they film this in the Netherlands’ most boring field?* Why would you make a video of this? This wasn’t even choreographed. The only thing that’s remotely entertaining about this video is the band member with the glasses. I feel like if anyone was responsible for this inanity, it was her. Just look at her. How dare she? Will she apologize?

Good song tho.

*I know this is not the Netherlands. I haven’t gotten any comments on this yet, but I know they’re coming and as god is my witness I will shut that shit down here and now. You know why I said the Netherlands? Because it’s flat, I’m hungry, and I really want a rijsttafel, but they don’t have those in Colorado, and I’m hangry at the Dutch right now.