The 2020 Chevy Stingray Convertible is an American Street Stalker.

The car’s website released its pricing calculator, so the guys at Motor1 went on to see how much it would be to max out the options. Turns out it’ll be just under $114,000.

It’s worth noting that, yes, that’s expensive, but the base model convertible is around $67,000, with a $7,000 premium over the coupe, so $60,000 is still pretty reasonable for people inclined to spend their money on such things.

It’s nice to see Chevy hasn’t completely gone out of control with pricing, but it does seem it’s flirting with the idea, which I hope is short-lived, since it has traditionally occupied a nice pricing area of the sports car market, and does have a an extremely loyal following who deserve some loyalty back.

Speaking of those loyal fans, I understand there are some critics of the styling. It is insanely aggressive, and frankly, I like the Stingray reboot as it was, but this car is pretty hot in its own right. I hope, though, that it will not borrow too much more aggressively from the styling of its European counterparts. That’s kind of the point, after all.

You can read the breakdown of options and see more photos here:

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